Healthy Aging Innovation Lab

Have you ever tried out your idea in a collaborative sphere? One that brings down the barriers amongst all parties involved in finding solutions for the same problems? Have you ever been given the opportunity to simulate the environment for which your solution is being considered, in a lab custom made for your needs? At CDI’s Living lab, we enable you to examine your solution while still in a stage of a prototype, experiment with it in a fully integrated and practical environment, which collaborates between the various fields and systems having to do with the subject at hand, and in the presence of all the relevant professionals.

CDI is establishing a multidisciplinary center and simulation laboratory to deepen understanding of the third age, develop solutions, and boost this fast-growing global industry among Israeli innovators. The center will:

• Create a roundtable of experts and leaders from Ben-Gurion University; government social welfare agencies; senior citizen advocacy organizations; the tech industry; and the healthcare and senior living industries

• Promote teaching and training in the field

• Simulate scenarios for efficient experimentation and testing

• Design and build innovative digital solutions, methodologies, and products that support healthy aging

• Promote commercialization of solutions to reach a wide audience

• Run hackathons dedicated to healthy aging

• Recruit and motivate volunteers from the BGU student body

• Assess and support start-ups developing healthy aging technology


The Healthy Aging Simulation Center, at the CDI headquarters adjacent to the BGU campus, places the older adult at the heart of its activities. Here older adults’ voices, and those of their families and caregivers, inform the design and problem-solving processes allowing the center’s staff to incorporate their feedback and predict if a particular technology or device possesses the potential for adoption and use. Video capability and experimental simulation allows for analysis of a range of technologies by gerontologists, sociologists, and other researchers. A volunteer student-run cockpit enables digital

communication with multiple seniors simultaneously.


Home to 65,000 older adults and the gateway to the Negev desert, Beersheba is a small city in a tiny country with a strong sense of family and the ideal setting for a test city for

healthy aging. Enjoying the full support of the municipality and BGU student volunteers, seniors will be invited to the center to evaluate ideas and technologies; and field tests will be conducted at participating senior homes, assisted living centers, and older adults’ residences.


CDI generates quality financial benefits for strategic investors and partners in our vision of a healthier world. We provide advanced scientific infrastructure for start-ups in healthy aging technologies. Healthy aging possesses enormous worldwide potential, and we will be a significant player in ensuring that Israeli start-ups take the lead in this global impact industry.

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